Ciurduc Maria Cristina

Forms of education: Licence of National University of Music in Bucharest, and graduated of Highschool of Arts "Ion Geanta" in Rm Valcca

 Prices and awards:  2002 third price with "Trio Classic" (viola, clarinet and piano) at K. Pendercky contest in contemporany music 2000 special award from the jury for the best interpretation of  a contemporany musical piece with "Trio Classic" in first edition of Aperto contest Bucharest

1999 and 1998 second price in national music contest
1997 and 1996 fourth price in national music contest
 Musical experience and performance:
 Colaboration with the Filarmonic "George Enescu" Bucharest, concerts and tours outside Romania.

 From november 2003 permanent colaboration with the National Radio Orchestra Bucharest, conerts and tours outside Romania.

 Concerts and performances with "Trio Classic" in Bucharest at the Romanian Atheneum, "George Enescu" Museum, National University, the Sutu Palace, the Parliament Palace, and outside Bucharest.