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Marius Lacraru

Born on the 24 april 1953, in Bucharest, Ioan Marius Lacraru studied at the National University of Music in Bucharest under Mircea Opreanu and Victoria Basta (violin). He improved his skills studying under Stefan Gheorghiu (violin). He performs in concerts and recitals, he is first violin of Florilegium String Quartet, member of Archaeus Ensemble, soloist of  Hyperion  Ensemble.

Tours in Switzerland, UK, Spain, France, Germany, United States of America, Austria, Portugal,Finland, Greece,etc. Participations in contemporary music festivals at  Bucharest, Genève, Paris, London , Moscou,  Lyon, Nancy, Bourges, Huddersfield, Dublin, Istambul, Allicante, Turin, Cagliari, Bratislava, Sophia, Belgrade, Vitasaari, Kromeriz, Tirana, etc.

His interpretative creations was either recorded in concert or specially recorded by Radio Bucarest, BBC, Radio France, Bayerische Rundfunk, Radio Allicante, Bratislava, Belgrade, Sophia, Tirana.

 Discografie – CDs: Ioan Marius Lacraru Collection Panoramique XXI - PXXI101 OR 12481;  Edition Modern EDMN 1004,1005,1006, 1008,1009, 1012, 1014, 1015 ; Musique Action 98 – ReR DACH  01 U.K. ; Archaeus Ensemble – EMEC Madrid E-008, E 029 ; Florilegium String Quartet – EMEC Madrid  E-012 ; Archaeus Ensemble – E.G. Tabalet – Alboraia(Valencia) V-3447; Florilegium Quartet - Editura Muzicala -  Bucuresti P XX-XXI 102 ; Romanian Music Today  – Editura Muzicala – Bucuresti 037 ; „ romanian musiq today  2 “   SNR-SIMC -  Star Media Music – Bucuresti 044, etc.

 “Ioan-Marius Lacraru is a brilliant virtuoso who proves a complex stunning technique” – Theodor Dragulescu in “Actualitatea muzicala”, no. 30, June 1991, Bucharest.

“The gravity and depth by which he approaches the modern and contemporary music added to the intelligence by which he builds up his repertory classify Ioan- Marius Lacraru as one of the most appreciated musicians”. Fred Popovici in “Muzica”, 1985, Bucharest.

“I am admiring once more his artistic depth and perfection.”  Doina Rotaru in “Actualitatea muzicala”, no. 68, 1993, Bucharest.
 “... Surprising revelation of the festival (International Festival Forfest Czech Republic 2005)... the first concert, simultaneously the opening concert of the festival, with uniquely disposing virtuoso violinist Ion Marius Lacraru … brought spiritual qualities and music of high expression… unforgettable impression. “ Elena Letňanová  “Hudobný život”,2005, Bratislava